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Spotlight launched their business in 2016 initially with one product which was the only EU approved teeth whitening strips.

Founders Lisa and Vanessa Creaven are both dentists and had the experience and contacts to develop teeth whitening strips that were approved for use in Europe previously only available from the USA.

Continuing as full time practicing dentists the Creaven’s had the product knowhow and they needed a trusted fulfilment partner to manage their stock and process their orders and chose to partner with 2flow.

7 years later on and 2flow remain their trusted strategic partners to Spotlight’s business and continued growth.


Orders Processed Daily

+ 100,000

Ft² Storage Space


Orders Per Month

Customer Testimonial

"We have worked with 2flow since the brand started in 2016 and have built a great relationship with the team. They are professional, efficient and are always willing to go the extra mile. Our brand has seen phenomenal growth across many channels in the past 4 years and alongside this 2flow have adapted to our ever changing needs with willingness.


We as a brand value 2flow as a very important part of our business. They are part of the final journey point for our customer and we couldn’t be In better hands. John and Simon have built a great team within 2flow and I would highly recommend to any business."


  • Ensure seamless order processing: 2Flow can assist Oral Spotlight in efficiently managing their stock and processing orders, ensuring that customers receive their teeth whitening strips in a timely manner.

  • Maintain high-quality customer experience: By partnering with 2Flow, Oral Spotlight can ensure that their customers receive their orders accurately and promptly, enhancing overall satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Scale operations effectively: As Oral Spotlight experiences continued growth, 2Flow can adapt to their evolving needs and support them in scaling their fulfillment operations efficiently to meet increasing demand.

  • Optimize inventory management: 2Flow can help Oral Spotlight in effectively managing their inventory levels, ensuring that they have the right amount of stock on hand to fulfill orders without excess or shortages.

  • Provide flexibility for business changes: With 2Flow as their trusted fulfillment partner, Oral Spotlight can confidently navigate changes in their business, such as new product launches or fluctuations in demand, knowing that their fulfillment needs are in capable hands.

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