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At 2Flow, we want to make sure that our clients have all the answers they need. That's why we created an extensive FAQ section to cover any questions you may have about our services. With complex training and years of expertise, we are here to provide you with the highest level of support.


Do I have to pay for using 2Flow’s software?

No – our software is free to all customers.

How are shipping costs calculated?

Shipping costs vary based on a number of factors including weight, size, destination & speed. We will always endeavour to provide the most accurate & competitive rates possible.

How does billing work?

You will receive a monthly invoice which will provide a detailed breakdown of all charges including:   Storage – per pallet or bay per month Goods In – per pallet received Monthly Account Maintenance Fee Pick and pack – per SKUs picked Kitting and Assembly – per touchpoint Packaging – per package Shipping – per shipment VAT


Does it take long to start fulfilling my orders with 2Flow? 

Our software integrates quickly & seamlessly with all popular eCommerce platforms. Once your inventory has been on-boarded we are ready to start fulfilling your orders. The entire process typically takes a week or less.

How does the integration process work?

We begin by asking for a full list of your SKU’s from your eCommerce platform. We will then create a product database on our Warehouse Management System (WMS). Finally, we schedule a date to receive your inventory/stock and onboard your products to our warehouse facility.

How can I integrate my existing e-commerce platform with 2Flow's services?

The Mintsoft software we employ integrates with the majority of e-commerce platforms seamlessly, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Big Commerce etc.

Is Ireland a good choice to base my fulfilment?

Absolutely. Ireland offers barrier-free access to over 500 million consumers within Europe. Ireland offers easy transport links to Europe, the U.S. & Middle East and membership of the E.U and Eurozone ensures easy access worldwide. Ireland is also the only English speaking country in the EU.


Don't worry, we're experienced in all things Fulfilment

At 2Flow, we boast years of experience in handling your products. We're committed to guiding you through every step of the process and are always available to address any questions or concerns you may have, no matter how small.


How can I schedule a free consultation with 2Flow?

Scheduling a free consultation with 2Flow is easy. Simply book a 30 minute free virtual consultation vai our online portal or reach out to us via email through our website or contact us directly by phone. Our team will promptly schedule a convenient time for the consultation session.

What topics or questions can be discussed during the free consultation session?

During the free consultation session with 2Flow, you can discuss various topics related to logistics, fulfillment, inventory management, shipping strategies, and more. Our experts are here to answer any questions you may have and provide valuable insights to help optimize your supply chain processes.


What technology does 2Flow use to ensure efficient order processing?

2flow use the world leading “Mintsoft” ecommerce integrating warehouse management and order processed software.


How can 2Flow help reduce my shipping and fulfilment costs?

With greater choice of carriers and bulk buying power we can generally get better carrier rates than individual businesses. Not having to employ dedicated warehouse fulfilment staff, by outsourcing to 2Flow you only pay for orders being processed by our staff. If you have no orders to process you will have staff sipping coffee. However with 2flow you only pay for the time your orders are being processed.

What is drop shipping? 

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it directly to the customer. This way, the merchant never sees or handles the product

What is 2Flow's approach to sustainability and eco-friendly practices?

We love the environment and that’s why we only use recyclable packaging for shipments. We also recycle all waste cardboard which is shred to make protective padding for shipping goods as void fill.

What is an SKU?

An SKU (pronounced skew) is short for Stock Keeping Unit. A SKU is a code which identifies unique characteristics about a product which is used to track inventory or stock. For example, if a product is available in 4 sizes, each size (or variant) will have a unique SKU.

Can 2Flow support subscription-based order fulfillment?


What is product kitting?

Kitting is the process of bundling products (SKU’s) together. For example, a gift box comprising 5 items.

How long does it take to deliver orders?

We provide a number of delivery options tailored to suit your business. These range from express same day delivery to lower-cost, economy-based delivery options. We will work with you to establish your preferred shipping and delivery methods. All orders received by 2pm Monday - Friday are picked, packed, and shipped the same day. Ireland – same day/next day delivery EU - 2-4 business days UK - 3-10 business days (customs clearance required) Worldwide 5-15 days

Can I track shipments?


How does 2Flow deal with urgent or expedited orders?

If you need to expediate any order simply call our customer service team and they will assist you.


Can I view & monitor my inventory?

Yes, our dashboard provides real-time visibility of inventory. We will also alert you when stock is running low so your customer orders are fulfilled without delay.

What kind of customer support does 2Flow offer?

Our customer service team are there to assist you with any query no matter how trivial it might seem. So whether is it regarding shipping, packaging questions or help with our online software we are here to help.

How does 2Flow ensure accuracy in order fulfillment?

Using barcode scanning technology, when a product is being packed for shipping the individual product barcode is scanned as it is being placed into the shipper. Our system will give the “Green” light if both the product and quantity are correct. If not we get a RED light where we will double check everything.

What training and qualifications do 2Flow staff have?

All new staff members are teamed up with a long standing team member from the section they will be working in. Working in tandem with the trainer they quickly learn the processes and systems. Weekly assessments and feedback meetings ensure both the new staff member and team lead can give and receive honest feedback. Each new team member is given 6 months probation with monthly check ins to ensure that both they and their team lead are satisfied and happy in their respective roles. Some team members will undergo further training and receive certification in areas of H&S, fork lift training and manual handling.

Does 2Flow offer any analytics or reporting tools?

The Mintsoft software can be mined to extract a myriad of reports, and it also allows the user to build a bespoke report for their specific needs within the parameters of the system.

What customization options are available for packaging and branding?

We can source any option working to your specifications and branding or you can supply your own branded shipping materials.

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