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How Does It Work?

At 2Flow, we streamline your supply chain with essential services from product intake to delivery and returns. Our approach maximizes efficiency and customer satisfaction, blending advanced warehousing with strategic shipping. We commit to seamless, transparent operations, simplifying supply chain management for your business.

5 Clear and Simple Steps


Receiving and Onboarding your Products

At 2Flow, our journey with your inventory begins with a detailed receiving and onboarding process. Upon your products' arrival, we thoroughly inspect, count, and record each item into our system. This ensures every product detail is precisely captured, laying the foundation for efficient order processing. Our commitment to meticulous onboarding is key to our inventory accuracy and operational efficiency, enabling fast and reliable fulfillment. This initial step is crucial for real-time stock tracking and fulfilling your business needs with precision and efficiency.


Warehousing and Storing of Your Products

At 2Flow, ensuring the safety and efficient arrangement of your inventory is at the forefront of our warehousing and storage efforts. Our contemporary facilities are designed to keep optimal conditions, guaranteeing that each item is preserved in its best state for quick dispatch. By implementing intelligent storage techniques, we maximize space utilization and product reachability, which are vital to our flawless fulfillment operations. This focused approach to warehousing is fundamental for us, enabling an effortless flow from storage to delivery and contributing to the success of your business and the happiness of your customers.


We Worry About 'How?' So You Don't Have To!

Product fulfillment can be overwhelming, even for experienced business'. Join us at 2Flow and we'll take care of every aspect from warehouse to door step delivery.


We really cannot stress how lovely it is to have such a supportive warehouse.

Your staff are all so good with us and very prompt to action our requests.  Definitely singing your praises here :)


Picking and Packing

Pick and pack costs are influenced by labour and material expenses, order complexity, and volume. Labour involves time spent preparing items for dispatch, and material costs cover packaging needs. Complex orders, such as those with special handling or from different locations, affect costs. Volume discounts are available for businesses with many shipments, reducing per-order costs. Special requirements, like specific packaging or batch tracking, also impact the price by requiring more labour. This summary outlines the primary factors affecting pick and pack fees, emphasizing the balance between efficiency and cost.


Shipping Orders

This phase includes selecting the appropriate carrier, fine-tuning routes, and determining costs considering aspects such as weight and destination. Achieving customer satisfaction hinges on effective shipping, which accommodates diverse preferences and budgets through various options. Utilising sophisticated logistics software facilitates the tracking of shipments in real time, ensuring transparency. Moreover, for international orders, efficient shipping requires a thorough comprehension of customs and regulations to expedite delivery and minimize expenses, which is vital for augmenting customer experience and the success of the business.


Returns Management

Our Returns Management system is designed to simplify the post-purchase experience, making it as hassle-free as possible for both you and your customers. We handle every step of the returns process, from the initial request to the final restocking or disposal, with precision and care. Our goal is to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve your business's sustainability by minimizing waste. With our expert management, returns become a seamless part of your supply chain, enhancing customer trust and supporting your brand's reputation for excellence.


Warehouse Management Software(WMS)

2Flow utilises Mintsoft order fulfilment software to connect orders, manage inventory and warehouse operations and to maximise productivity & accuracy. 

Warehouse Management Software (WMS) allows complete visibility and control across the entire fufilment process. Cloud-based warehouse management software helps businesses like 2Flow increase efficiency by optimising stock control and automating workflows. 

What are WMS integrations?

WMS integrations allow API connections with the most popular and well-known platforms & marketplaces, allowing them to work in harmony.


Does it take long to start fulfilling my orders with 2Flow? 

Our software integrates quickly & seamlessly with all popular eCommerce platforms. Once your inventory has been on-boarded we are ready to start fulfilling your orders. The entire process typically takes a week or less.

How does the integration process work?

We begin by asking for a full list of your SKU’s from your eCommerce platform. We will then create a product database on our Warehouse Management System (WMS). Finally, we schedule a date to receive your inventory/stock and onboard your products to our warehouse facility.

How can I integrate my existing e-commerce platform with 2Flow's services?

The Mintsoft software we employ integrates with the majority of e-commerce platforms seamlessly, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Big Commerce etc.

Is Ireland a good choice to base my fulfilment?

Absolutely. Ireland offers barrier-free access to over 500 million consumers within Europe. Ireland offers easy transport links to Europe, the U.S. & Middle East and membership of the E.U and Eurozone ensures easy access worldwide. Ireland is also the only English speaking country in the EU.

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